Alkanatur water study at the University of Vigo

Dr. Anunciación Lafuente, professor of Toxicology at the University of Vigo and Lead investigator of the “Analysis of Traces, Speculation, Metallography and Toxicology Evaluation” of the CITI* (Research, Transfer and Innovation Center), has directed a rigorous scientific study to evidence the health properties of Alkanatur water on various biochemical and physiological parameters in diabetic animals.

*Centro de Investigacion, Transferencia e Innovacion

Studies of multiple International Institutions that re-validate the properties of Alkaline water

Stomach acidity study

Another study conducted by the Voice Institue of New York, aimed to research the effects of these in vitro studies, that the water from artesian well’s, that contains natural bicarbonates (pH 8.8) could irreversible denature (deactivate) the human pepsin retaled to reflux problems and heartburn, and establish its potential buffer to treat patients with esophageal reflux.

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